Our Mission

Elevate lives through connection and authenticity

What is NetworkBe?

NetworkBe is a new media company focused on creating authentic and emotionally driven original content that makes you think, laugh, get inspired and take action..  A place to share meaningful stories and connect with others.

NetworkBe was created by a team of award winning TV producers who are responsible for hundreds of hours of successful entertainment.

We’ve joined forces because we believe in offering something different. A place built on positivity, awareness and laughter.

Be Heard. Be Entertained. Be Inspired.

Our Brand

  • authenticity
    Created by women for women. We know what you want to see, know, hear, and discuss. Our goal is to enrich your life.
  • respectful of your time
    Our team has done the work for you by bringing you the best of what the web has to offer. We aim to make each second count!
  • community
    We are building a supportive community of amazingly creative, smart, like-minded women. Together we are a force – raising awareness and inspiring change.
  • entertaining
    For us, great storytelling always comes first. We invite you to have a laugh, feel inspired, be informed and get involved.
  • uplifting
    We are here to cheer you on, brighten your day and elevate your spirit.
  • integrity
    Our brands will be desirable and valued by women, environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

Our Team

Do you watch TV? You do? Great! Then chances are you’ve seen our work…The Voice, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice, Fox Sports, Survivor and Oprah’s Big Give. That kind of stuff. Our team is a group of Emmy award-winning, seasoned veterans in the entertainment field and we are excited about using our superpowers to make NetworkBe the place to BE.

Wendy Sweetmore
Chief Visionary Officer

Stuff I Do: Work with an amazing team of creative, execs, business and techies to build a place for great programming and connectivity. I also read to my kids every night and give them advice even though they are not really listening. Try and make magic happen every day because I know that dreams come true if you just Be-lieve.

Wow! That’s Cool: 25 years experience as senior media executive overseeing Emmy award winning series including: The Voice, Shark Tank and Survivor. Produced some of the world’s biggest unscripted shows including The Apprentice, and Oprah’s Big Give. Worked with the world’s biggest brands including Walmart, P&G and Toys ”R” Us. Founder of LINA – Ladies International Networking Association for professionals. Owned a PR firm and worked as consulting Marketing Director for Disney/ Buena Vista. Phew!

But, There’s More: I’ve lived in 4 major cities around the world, became a mother of 2 in my forties (yes I will be a senior citizen by the time they go to college), I’m dyslexic but with the help of spell check have gone on to write screenplays. And have a huge soft spot for women and children co-founding Roots of Promise a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting and keeping orphaned and vulnerable children in loving families.

Sean De Vries
Creative Guru

Stuff I Do: Work as the ONLY man alongside an incredibly talented group of women creating really good content that is fun, inspiring, and occasionally cheeky. Having two bossy older sisters prepared me well for my current circumstances.

Wow! That’s Cool: Won awards for directing, producing and writing. Responsible for more than 100 hours of content for networks around the world. Created a number of hit formats that have been seen in more than a hundred countries. Owned my own production company making some of the biggest shows in the country. Was a broadcast journalist for BBC in London.

But, There’s More: Husband to beautiful, loyal and stubborn wife, Father of two amazing yet relentlessly exasperating children, Beach Volleyball Player, Adventurer, Expert in the field of wine, ice cream & bacon.


Cristi Catlin
Community, Philanthropy & Content Rainmaker

Stuff I Do: Content Creator, Connector, Casting Producer and Chief Spiritual Officer. Absolutely passionate about creating a platform for those who have remained silent to Be Heard.

Wow! That’s Cool: At HBO I helped raise more than $250M to build the new patient building for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Created an award winning mentoring program that resulted in higher graduation rates in South Central LA and developed Urban Oasis Film Academy, an inner-city film program for youth.

But, There’s More: Single Mom to beautiful son Jake, ukulele player in a local band, college grad from schools in Hawaii and Switzerland and single-handedly save Real Time With Bill Maher from going off the air. I meditate every day…after coffee of course.

Beth Broday
Talent Development and Partnerships Chant Master

Stuff I Do: I develop and produce talent driven programming while searching the world for opportunities that align with NetworkBe’s mission. I produce and direct films and videos for anyone who has a story to tell, or song to sing.

Wow! That’s Cool: I am widely recognized as one of the pioneers of the music video business. I produced some of the first non-scripted dramatic programming for TV and online networks. As a digital consultant, I created one of the first integrated web series for Ellen Degeneres, Alanis Morisette and Sting. My projects have won MTV, International Monitor and American Music Awards.

But, There’s More: Leader at my local Buddhist lay organization and mentor for anyone who needs help – it’s my pleasure. An equestrian who loves to ride with wild abandon. I feel most at home in the saddle.

Ellen Bradley Ganus
Mermaid, Fairy Godmother, Tinker “Elle"

Stuff I do: I make it happen! I bring talented visionaries together, to create compelling content, and grow a passionate community of loyal supporters. I create solutions for obstacles, facilitate effective communication and sprinkle optimism like fairy dust!

Wow! That’s Cool: Following a career in Entertainment as an Actress, Producer, and Coach, I have been spending the last 10 years speaking on stages around the World as a Professional Networker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Author. As a founding executive of a Health & Wellness Company with aggregate sales of over $5 Billion, I received multiple awards, my favorite being Woman of the Year.

But, There’s More: While living in Mexico City during the 90’s, I starred in many popular music videos for some of the most famous Latin artists, including Raul di Blasio, Jose Jose and Mijares.
Aside from being a Triathlete and Yogi, my favorite roles are “Mom” to my two teenage kids, “Wife” to my husband of 28 years, and “Best Friend” to my precious long-haired Chihuahua, Gigi.

Founder's Note

"Women love to share. They were the original social network, even before the Internet existed."

Welcome to NetworkBe!

Women are constantly going through life transitions and reinventing themselves. We are either dating, starting new careers, getting married, having children, or going through a divorce, caring for elderly parents, experiencing an empty nest, grieving, etc. We need trusted information to help get us through these major life-changing stages, either to know what to do, or just to know we are not alone. We need each other.

Women are the original social network….way before there was an internet. Truth is, we share the most amount of information and offer the best advice to each other. This is just one of the reasons I started NetworkBe – to help women go through these life-changing transitions. Life can get hard, and you can bet that one of us has walked in your shoes. Doing it alone is tough, but together we are a force. Together we can we educate, inspire, motivate and support one another.

We create emotionally charged original content that we hope will mean something to you. We also feature women role models that are fearless and breaking down the doors so others can walk through.  Because if our daughters can see it… they can be it.

We are truly in this together…as women, as connecters and as the voice for our children and future.

Please Be Hopeful, Be Fearless, Be Giving, Be Vulnerable, Be Silly, Be Inspired.

Just BE.