You’re here because you have a great idea

… or an idea you think will be great with a bit of work. Awesome. NetworkBe is currently taking submission from outside creators, writers and producers.

• A completed video piece/series
• Your host reel or a reel of someone else you think would be amazing for NetworkBe
• A written script that we would possibly produce
• Fleshed out idea’s and pitches that you think would fit our brand
• An essay, opinion or advice we could post

If it matches any of these points then you probably want to make sure it’s a good fit for us. Here’s a little description of what we’re about below:

Knowing our brand:

NetworkBe focuses on women over the age of 28, but men that support women and want to understand us better are very welcome too. We are the home for fascinating, hilarious, thoughtful and uplifting video (and written) content. If the internet is a giant Las Vegas, then think of NetworkBe as an Oasis that leaves you refreshed. After watching we want our viewers to come away feeling better, more informed, rested, amused and/or inspired.

What we are interested in:

Original compelling and thoughtful storytelling that makes you laugh, learn, inspire, cry, think or take action.

What we are NOT interested in:

Anything mean spirited, distasteful or dishonest.

If you believe your idea fits the above criteria then, review our submissions release and send it to our team to review via the form below. So, what have you got to lose?

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